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the stunning depths of grey within an incoming storm cloud have always been fascinating to us. the juxtaposition of the deeper and lighter areas adding to the overall drama of the impending storm - a great reminder that despite all of our technology, humans are still at the mercy of the great forces that exist in our natural world. 

during a storm, one of our favourite things to do is cosy up with a book or project, a warm beverage, and view of the storm. the rich grey of this yarn does a great job encapsulating the power and beauty of the stormcloud.

product description
100% polwarth wool
woolen spun yarn
double knit (dk) weight
approx. 230 m (250 yds) / 100 g
20 sts in 10 cm with 4.0 mm needles
all production in aotearoa new zealand


please note that colours can appear different on various screens than they appear in person.

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