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beyond the simple joy of being a fun word to say, sassafras trees are awesome! the leaves, root bark, and wood have been traditionally used by indigenous north americans for a plethora of reasons - from remedies and tonics to a tea and food source. eventually, in the late 1800s consuming the sassafras root as the all-american beverage root beer was popularized. today, one can pick a leaf and gently chew on the stem for a mild flavored mid-walk treat.

in a healthy forest where they grow, it is easy to find the distinctive mitten-shaped green leaves of the sassafras tree. our green aims to encapsulate the feeling of the deep viridescence of a mid-summer forest.

product description
100% polwarth wool
woolen spun yarn
double knit (dk) weight
approx. 230 m (250 yds) / 100 g
20 sts in 10 cm with 4.0 mm needles
all production in aotearoa new zealand


please note that colours can appear different on various screens than they appear in person.

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